Caitlin Hawkins - Education manager

First Name: Caitlin

Surname: Hawkins

Job Title: Education Manager


Caitlin Hawkins is the education manager at the Academy and works alongside head of player care Phil Roscoe.

Caitlin's main responsibilities are to ensure all U9-U16 players receive high quality education support in collaboration with their school.

She also leads and manages the U17 and U18 scholarship education programme where they have the opportunity to complete A levels or BTEC formal qualifications as well as the apprenticeship award.

Caitlin also works with the player care team to enable U23 and Alumni project players have access to educational opportunities.

Caitlin has a sound understanding of what is required of an elite footballer having spent five years as The FA player education manager.

In this role she supported the education needs of all England development squad players when on international events. Prior to this Caitlin spent five years working alongside Liverpool FC as the lead link tutor in the club's partner school.

The Academy is built around the club's values and takes an holistic approach to each player. Caitlin’s work reflects this philosophy by supporting players to balance their education and football commitments to ensure they can be successful in both.

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