Ticket Forwarding


Season Ticket Holders and Official Members

As announced here, Ticket Distribution has been replaced by Ticket Forwarding.

This allows season ticket holders and official membersto use official club channels to share their match tickets in a secure way, while also making Anfield more accessible and safer for fans by knowing who is in the stadium.

Supporters can only forward their tickets to another supporter who:

  • Is registered on their Family and Friends list; deadline for updating your list has now passed**.
  • Has an active Membership for the season, or who has downloaded a General Admission NFC Pass for the season.

One seat can be forwarded up to a maximum of three times per game before they are locked. Once locked, tickets can then only be returned using the Ticket Exchange.

*For Premier League home games, Official Members can only forward tickets purchased during the Bulk Members Sales. Click here for full details.

**Any supporters who purchase a membership after the cut-off date for linking friends and family (5 August 2022) will be given a 2 week period to register Family and Friends to their membership, after which no amendments can be made for the remainder of the season.


How to use the LFC Ticket Forwarding Scheme

Watch our handy how to use Ticket Forwarding video for more information.

Your existing NFC pass will remain active and should not be removed from your smartphone if you are:

  • A Season Ticket Holder.
  • A Member who has renewed the same Membership that you had last season.

Your NFC pass will automatically update with the next match you are due to attend during the 2022/23 season. If your NFC pass is not showing in your wallet, please check expired passes to add back into your wallet.

If you are a new Member or an existing Member who has changed Membership type this season, you can download your new Members NFC Pass in the Memberships section of My Account.

Non Members will be required to download a General Admission NFC Pass here for Season 2022/23 before a ticket can be forwarded to them. 


For a guide on how to forward your ticket to Non Members, including how to purchase and download your General Admission NFC Pass please see below:


Ticket Forwarding is now live for the following games:



Click here for FAQ's