Ticket Touting

Illegal Sales of Liverpool FC Match Tickets

Under England & Wales law - The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 - it is illegal to sell, or to offer to sell, tickets to Liverpool FC matches without the authorisation of Liverpool FC.

Liverpool FC is committed to tackling ticket touting, and those individuals that fraudulently harvest tickets/memberships to sell at vastly inflated prices. Liverpool FC have a dedicated team that investigate both online and offline illegal ticket sales and use a range of tactics and enforcement measures that help to combat ticket touting.

Any individuals that are found to have offered their ticket for sale will be subject to an internal investigation and sanction process and a range of sanctions are available to Liverpool FC including a life ban from purchasing tickets to Liverpool FC matches. In some cases, the matter will be reported to the Police for criminal prosecution.

If you have been offered tickets or have any information in relation to tickets being offered outside of authorised channels, please use the form below to report this. All information is treated in the strictest confidence and is never disclosed to third parties.