Sustainability Measures

During the first stage consultation we received questions about what sustainability measures will be included as part of the design.

What sustainability measures will be included as part of the detailed design?

The proposed design includes a number of sustainability measures. These include the provision of PV (solar) panels on the roof of the Stand. We will also manage water usage through water drainage and waterless urinals and reduce CO² emissions by installing low energy lighting.

Is the Club committed to recycling and waste management?

We also have a number of wider commitments to sustainability through the award winning “Reds Going Green” programme. As part of this programme all of our staff are committed to reduce, recycle or reuse waste. We recycle over 55% of the waste and regularly review what improvements can be made on match and non-match days.

What about considerate construction?

If planning permission is granted we will agree a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) with Liverpool City Council. This will provide details of how construction will be carefully managed and include details of construction times, how construction noise will be controlled and how dust will be managed. It will also include details of how construction traffic will be managed. It will be necessary for Anfield Road to be closed during construction.

We do not anticipate that there will be a significant increase in traffic during the construction period and contractor parking will be carefully managed throughout the process. Routes for contractors will be clearly defined and contractors will be required to ensure that staff park in the appointed car parks. These are likely to be Stanley Park and Utting Avenue. The appointed contractor will be required to identify a main point of contact who will manage any enquiries relating to the construction process and the Resident Liaison Manager will be on hand to help.