Local Community

During the first stage consultation on our proposals, we received a number of individual comments from local residents relating to Stadium operations on match-days, special events and concerts.

Some of the questions that you asked us were: 

Could more portaloos be provided?

We currently provide 36 portaloos located around the Stadium on match days. We were asked during the first stage of consultation if more portaloos could be provided and we are willing to provide additional facilities in appropriate locations. We will work with local councillors to determine key hot spots in the L4, L5 and L6 area where additional portaloos could be provided.

Please can you do more to manage parking on Gilman Street? 

Since the first stage consultation we have listened to local residents and installed additional signs along Gilman Street. These signs advise any visitors to the Stadium shop or tour that they should park in one of our official car parks located around the Stadium. This information is also emailed to visitors as part of their booking confirmation and further details about parking on non-match days can be found on LFC's official website.

Can more be done to manage traffic on Skerries Road?

A number of comments were received about traffic management on Skerries Road. The operation of Skerries Road on match days will be reviewed as part of the update to the Transport Strategy.

Can more be done to manage litter, noise and anti-social behaviour?

Last season, we worked alongside local councillors and supporter groups to create the Grass Roots campaign. The campaign, which is shared on social media prior to every game, encourages fans to show the same level of appreciation to our neighbours around the Stadium, as they do our team. This message is also reiterated over the speakers when fans are leaving the Stadium. Our dedicated street cleaning team operates in the roads around the Stadium (20 in total) post kick off, and re-visit these streets the next morning.

Can you provide tickets for locals?

We currently operate a local general sale where all supporters with an ‘L’ postcode can apply for tickets at a significant discount. Full details are on our website at https://www.liverpoolfc.com/tickets/local-general-sale-q-as

If you have any further comments or questions please speak with our Resident Liaison Manager.