Our plans for Anfield Road

The proposed Anfield Road Stand masterplan

Based on the feedback from some local residents and representatives through our first stage consultation, we will now reroute Anfield Road around the footprint of the expanded Anfield Road Stand. 

This means that access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists will be retained on non-match days as currently occurs and a short-section of Anfield Road will be closed to vehicles on match and event days.

This change to our plans is supported by detailed crowd modelling and specialist transport advice. It is also likely that realigning the road in this way would result in reduced volumes and speed of traffic using Anfield Road.

Our current plans for Anfield Road, including our ideas for the design and materials are shown on the images below. We are continuing to discuss details such as the materials for the road surface with Liverpool City Council and we are committed to a solution which ensures that this public space provides both visual and environmental benefits.

A computer generated image showing the proposed public realm enhancements and diversion of Anfield Road on a match day

Same view on a non-matchday