The Auto Cup Scheme allows season ticket holders the opportunity to secure home tickets for Liverpool FC's season-wide cup campaigns - the *European, FA Cup and League Cup competitions.

Seats are automatically allocated to scheme members and once registered you’ll remain in the schemes for as long as the team is involved in the competitions you’ve enrolled into. 

*Auto Cup Scheme payments will not be taken in the event Liverpool FC is not involved in the 2021/22 European Campaign.


Following recent feedback in the fan forums, season ticket holders will be subject to the same qualifying criteria as Members to enrol in the club’s Auto Cup Schemes. This will ensure a much fairer process for all supporters who would like to attend home cup games. 

As our participation in the 2019/20 cup competitions was completed in its entirety, we will be using the game history from that season to help allocate access to the Auto Cup Schemes for the 2021/22 season.

Please note, we will not be allocating credits for games purchased during the 2021-22 season for use in future seasons; game history will only be used within the 2021-22 season to allocate tickets as we progress through the competitions.


Season ticket holders who have recorded the below European home games will be eligible for European Auto Cup Scheme enrolment when you renew your season ticket.

  • Napoli
  • Salzburg
  • Genk
  • Atletico Madrid

FA Cup

Season ticket holders who have recorded the below FA Cup home games will be eligible for FA Cup Auto Cup Scheme enrolment when you renew your season ticket.

  • Shrewsbury Town
  • Everton

League Cup

Season ticket holders who have recorded the below League Cup home games will be eligible for League Cup Auto Cup Scheme enrolment when you renew your season ticket.

  • Arsenal


You can enrol via one of the following ways:

  1. During season ticket renewal
  2. By logging into My Account before 24 May – select the 'Auto Cup Schemes' tab, click 'Enrol' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete enrolment. This option will only be available once your season ticket has been renewed.
  3. During the Additional Enrolment Period: See below for full details


Dates of the Additional Enrolment period will be published soon after the season ticket renewal period has ended.

The benefits of enrolling during this time include: 

  • The option to select a different seat to your usual Premier League seat 
  • The opportunity to select seats with other eligible Season Ticket Holders during a dedicated Season Ticket Holder period – eligible supporters guaranteed a seat
  • Following the dedicated season ticket holder period, there will be an opportunity to enrol with your friends / family regardless of whether they are Season Ticket Holders or Members – subject to availability and eligibility

Please note

  • We recommend that season ticket holders enrol during renewal or the dedicated period for Season Ticket Holders to be guaranteed a seat
  • Season ticket holders and Members will need to meet specific criteria to be eligible to enrol into the Auto Cup Schemes
  • We cannot guarantee enrolment to season ticket holders that wish to enrol during the period available to Members
  • Capacity for each scheme is limited


How can I check if I am eligible to join the Auto Cup Scheme for the 2021/22 Season? 

Log into My Account and go to the 'History' tab to check your purchase history. 

Alternatively, the schemes you are eligible to enrol into will show when you are renewing your Season Ticket online.  

Will I accrue any credits for tickets purchased via the Auto Cup Scheme for Season 2021/22? 

Tickets purchased for any match during 2021/22 will only be used as credits for matches played during season 2021/22, including Cup Finals. 

For Season 2022/23, Auto Cup Scheme eligibility will be based on game credits from the 2019/20 Season.  This is due to 2019/20 being our last full season with fans in attendance for the duration of our participation in all Cup competitions. 

For full Auto Cup Scheme FAQ’s, click here. 


The Club will continue to operate a priority sales period based on specific criteria, for any remaining home cup match tickets that become available but cannot guarantee that tickets will be available to all who apply.