Kenny Dalglish is confident his partnership with Damien Comolli can help propel Liverpool back into the hunt for the game's top honours.

The Reds boss has worked closely with the club's Director of Football over the course of the past five months in which time they have overseen the recruitment of both Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez.

Dalglish is delighted with the relationship he has developed with the Frenchman and is convinced that their combined efforts will ensure Liverpool continue to head in the right direction.

"The director of football is a much-maligned title, but it's only maligned if you don't understand it," said Dalglish.

"And I fully understand and appreciate the work that Damien has done and will continue to do for the club.

"It's hugely beneficial for a manager to have somebody who does that work.

"We will work closely together, he did a fantastic job in the January transfer window. Luis was coming in anyway but to get Andy in at the last minute was a great piece of business.

"We will work together, make decisions together, have discussions together, and we'll sign players and try to push the club onwards and upwards."

He continued: "It's never been anything different as a manager, it's always been 24/7.

"The responsibilities may have changed regards to the time commitments to the media, and that's why the director of football, a good one, is really important to have.

"People are always linked with players and have a large number of games to watch.

"The more eyes you have, the better chance you have got of picking somebody up. The more good eyes you have, the better chance you have of picked a good player up."

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