Adam Lallana will be a perfect match for Liverpool's explosive attacking style of football, according to ex-Reds and Southampton star, Jimmy Case.

The former European Cup winner is a big fan of the England international having watched him regularly down on the south coast, and he believes the Reds have got a bargain signing.

"I'm more than pleased Liverpool have bought him," Case told the Liverpool Echo.

"To be honest, I have always had a suspicion they may make a move for Lallana. He is a Brendan Rodgers type of player. I was speaking to people around Southampton a few years ago and even then I was saying it was a wonder nobody had come in to take Lallana when the club were in a lower division.

"Rickie Lambert was playing alongside him then, too.

"Lallana has always been a gifted boy. When he came from Bournemouth, even then there was a buzz about him. You knew he was a good player. I thought he would have left Southampton years ago. He has been their best player for a long, long time.

"He can play anywhere. Lallana is such a versatile player. Some of the skills he has on the ball, the way he receives it and controls it, are a real joy to watch.

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"His creativity is excellent, but it is always within the framework of the team. He works hard and doesn't shirk responsibility. Liverpool are buying themselves a tremendously gifted forward player who, for me, is going to enhance the team."

Case also insists Lallana will bring some experience to a young Liverpool side, a factor he believes will be crucial as the Reds look forward to the resumption of Champions League football next term.

He added: "Liverpool are getting an experienced professional who knows the game inside out.

"He has played at a number of levels, so in some respects he has more experience than some of his new teammates.

"Lallana has done it at a number of levels, and didn't look out of place in the World Cup when he got his chance.

"Because he isn't a youngster trying to make it, he can hit the ground running. I'd imagine he won't have any problem adapting to playing in the Champions League.

"Liverpool are looking to the future and Lallana still has plenty of years left on his side."