Aston Villa fan James Laishley offers the view from the opposition, answering questions about how to stop Christian Benteke and who Villa fear in the Liverpool team.

People are raving about Villa at the moment after a decent start to the season - you must be pleased?

Yes, it was a great win away at Arsenal, totally unexpected. The loss at Chelsea was a little more predictable but more importantly the team have looked stronger than last season. It's certainly a more positive start but I'm trying not to get too carried away.


Best way to stop Benteke?

Arsenal and Chelsea couldn't come up with an answer to that question and I'm not sure I can! He's strong, fast and a great finisher. He can play, so although he doesn't rely on Weimann and Agbonlahor, cutting off the supply to him would make a big impact.


Aside from him, who else should we worry about?

Weimann has been a great partner to Benteke over the past 12 months and the two complement each other well. Also Lowton and Luna are modern wing-backs and have created problems for opposing teams.

Weak links in the Villa side?

The midfield isn't the finished article yet and Lambert will keep switching them until he's happy. Delph has got better but is yet to score in the Premier League and Westwood is looking like a player for the future, but it seems to be Villa's weakest area at the moment.

Anyone in the Liverpool team you worry about?

Sturridge has excelled in Suarez's absence and is a huge threat. Coutinho looks like a quality playmaker too.


What have you made of our summer transfer activity?

Mignolet and Toure both look like good signings and have plenty of Premier League experience. I can't comment much on the other players as I haven't seen enough of them but I definitely think Liverpool are in for a better season.

Your all-time favourite Villa song?

Our ode to Paul McGrath: "It's your round" sung to the tune of "Kum Ba Yah".

One tip for away fans?

Don't get the number 6 bus into Birmingham.

If you were putting a tenner on it?

Villa, 2-1.