Liverpool face Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday's Champions League final in Madrid and ahead of European football's showpiece clash we sought out a very special guest to give us his take on Mauricio Pochettino's men - Friendly Fires drummer and DJ, Jack Savidge.

Just back from host city Madrid after performing at the Tomavistas Festival, lifelong Spurs fan Jack (@jackbsavidge) took time out from touring, recording Friendly Fires' (@FriendlyFires) third album and DJing to speak to about Tottenham's danger men, Glastonbury and expectations for the final.

Read on to see what he had to say...

So, first off, how did you become a Spurs fan?

My older step-brother Tim was a fan and I think I got it off him. It was around the time of the 1991 FA Cup final. I remember that we won - beating Nottingham Forest 2-1 - but both of us being sad at Gazza's injury.

Which Tottenham player did you pretend to be when playing in the parks of St Albans as a kid?

Oh man, Jürgen Klinsmann without a shadow of a doubt. He was just the don; a different class to most of the players we had at the time. Wonderful to watch, just able to produce magic from nothing and a cool celebration. A class act.

And which of the current crop would you put on the back of your shirt?

He's perhaps not the starriest player but I love Harry Winks. I've always got a soft spot for a neat and tidy passing midfielder, and I love how Pochettino uses him tactically.

You've just returned from the Tomavistas Festival in Madrid, how was that and will you be heading back out there for the final?

Ha ha - no, I won't. I've got to be in London that night to DJ. Possibly heading to the Olive Branch by the stadium with some Spurs pals, or the Kingsland in Dalston.

Did you pop over to the stadium or feel any Champions League atmosphere building up while in Madrid?

I chatted to a tapas chef about it - he seemed kinda excited even as a neutral, which was encouraging. Other than that it was business as usual in Madrid. Everyone was watching Valencia beat Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final.  

Are there any football rivalries within the band?

Ed the singer kinda supports Watford but I haven't heard him chat about it much of late. He's kinda missed an opportunity there as Watford have been so good.

Did you ever secretly have Tottenham in mind when you were writing material?


So, you're touring, DJing, recording a new album and have Glastonbury coming up too, so how do you keep track of Spurs when you're so busy?

I like the Spurs Show podcast. I think they really nail the inherent character of what it is to support Tottenham - a kind of ever-hopeful fatalism, shot through with insecurity and worry.

Let's talk Champions League final then, are you feeling confident about Saturday?

It's 90 minutes - anything can happen. It's mad to think who we've got past so far, and although Liverpool are a bit stronger, it's marginal enough. The three-week preparation will mean we'll be fresh as well as it seems we've been running on empty for the last two months.

Which key player battle are you most looking forward to seeing in the final?

Moussa Sissoko's been a marvel this season. If he and Winks or Victor Wanyama can boss the midfield against Jordan Henderson and Fabinho we'll be in a strong position. How our full-backs will deal with Liverpool's attacking width is what concerns me most. 

Which Spurs player do you expect to cause Liverpool the most problems?

I'd love Christian Eriksen to have a good game. I could see him creating something of real class. Also, either Lucas Moura or Harry Kane as super-sub.

Where does that semi-final second leg against Ajax rank in Spurs' greatest ever games?

To my huge shame, I wouldn't know! I had tickets for my mate's show in Soho so I only caught the first half. I was satisfied the night was over, as we looked absolutely dreadful... I'm hoping that Saturday will be even greater.

Would you swap your Glastonbury set for a Champions League final win?

Ha ha... I'm glad the world doesn't work like that as I'd have some explaining to do to my bandmates. 'Sorry chaps - swapped it for the European Cup'.

There is a Friendly Fires DJ set scheduled for the Stonebridge bar at Glasto. Will that be you on the decks? Will you be slipping in a few celebratory tunes if Spurs win in Madrid?

I'll make a techno edit of Chas N Dave for sure.

What's your prediction for the match?

I did the BBC one the other day and went for 3-1 Spurs. Both teams have had brilliant comebacks in the semis but I feel whoever gets their nose in front will hang on as the game gets stretched.

One-one at half time, Spurs score in the 70th minute then again in injury time. Glory, glory.