Watch Jürgen Klopp give a personal and poignant take on how Liverpool became kings of England once again now on LFCTV GO.

Golden Sky: Klopp’s Champions is an hour in the manager’s company, as he relives the Reds’ historic 2019-20 campaign.

Featuring unseen footage from Formby Hall, on the night the crown was clinched, the show is available to watch on demand on LFCTV GO.

From the comfort of Anfield’s boardroom, Klopp brings to life the thrilling encounters which defined an unforgettable season.

He beams with pride at memories of Aston Villa in November, on a night when ‘Bobby Firmino blocked the whole world’ so Sadio Mane could score.

He explains the key to overcoming Manchester City, in a colossal Anfield tussle: “The goals we scored that night will stay with me forever.”

He recalls the brilliance of Boxing Day at Leicester City and the joy of Mohamed Salah’s sprinting finish against Manchester United.

The manager pauses for thought when discussing the impacts of COVID-19. “It was the most serious thing that happened since I’m alive,” he reflects solemnly. “But it just showed us what is really important in life.”

And then, to Formby Hall; to a night that will live forever in the memory.

Beneath footage of Klopp and his players watching Manchester City’s clash with Chelsea, the manager steers us through the evening’s emotional events.

“Being manager of this club is a great honour,” he explains, as the documentary moves to the night Liverpool finally lifted the Premier League trophy.

“I see it as pure luck,” he adds modestly.

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