As Liverpool FC Women prepare to face Manchester City in the Continental Cup today, we continue our Spotlight series by speaking to forward Kirsty Linnett.

Each member of Vicky Jepson's team is telling us about their footballing background, inspirations, what it's like to represent the Reds and more.

Next up is Linnett...

In which year did you sign for Liverpool FC Women?


What made you choose to be a footballer?

I wanted to be a footballer because it's something I loved so much as a kid, I did every sport possible but football was always my first true love.

Who is your footballing idol?

Pirlo - he's my most-watched on YouTube at the moment.

What is the best football match you've watched to date?

For me personally, when Tottenham drew to Chelsea 2-2, it meant that Leicester had officially won the Premier League. I'm from Leicester; 5,000-1 odds, I still can't believe it. We're an underdog city and it's something I'll always be proud of my hometown for!

What's the best thing about representing LFC?

The family feel to the club, the passion the whole city has for football! I've not met anyone here who doesn't like football!

Favourite TV show?

Big Bang Theory or Narcos.

Favourite film?

Joker or Catch Me If You Can.

Favourite song?

Kings of Leon - Four Kicks.

If you weren't a footballer, what did you want to be?

I would either be a cricketer or a jockey.

Best singer in the squad?

Rinsola! Even though I've not heard it... it's all rumours, I need her to prove herself!