One week on from playing out a goalless draw in the Premier League at Anfield, Liverpool meet Manchester United once again today as the rivals contest an FA Cup fourth-round tie at Old Trafford.

Ahead of kick-off, we caught up with United-supporting musician Tom Grennan to get his views on the clash.

Tom recently released his new single – Little Bit Of Love – with an album titled Evering Road set to follow in March.

Read his thoughts on the latest Liverpool v United encounter and how he sees the game panning out below...

So, where did your love for Manchester United come from?

The love for United stemmed from my cousins in Ireland; most of them support United and as soon as I was born, I was out in a United baby grow so I couldn't be anything else. 

Who were your United heroes, who did you pretend to be as a kid growing up?

My hero was – and is still – Paul Scholes. He just did everything right and, for me, made football look easy. I would always watch videos of him and how he took balls from the air – his touch was unreal 

What are your first memories of Liverpool v United matches?

My first memories were that they were always big games, but I remember going to my friend's house, who's a massive Liverpool fan, and watching a United v Liverpool game. I will always love that Rio Ferdinand header in the last minute!

You actually started out in football, didn't you?

I did play for a while, yeah. Like any kid, my dream was to play football. I played for Luton for a while when I was younger. I'd love to tell you it was a knee injury and that's why I'm not professional… but, unfortunately, I was just not good enough! 

What are you working on at the moment?

I've got a new album coming out in March called Evering Road, so I'm really excited for that! You can pre-order it now as well, which would be amazing and help me out loads so I reckon you should…! But, yeah, I'm looking forward to that and just working on myself as well, trying to keep fit and positive through this mad time we find ourselves in.

Back to the game, how do you rate United's season so far?

If I'm being honest, it's a crazy season and I know we're top of the league but Liverpool are still scarily good! Our little 0-0 draw last weekend was a big result for us, I think. Overall, I think we're in good shape, just got to keep winning games.

Which Liverpool player would you take for United's team?

Right now, I would take Andy Robertson – he's unreal! 

You played Trent Alexander-Arnold at FIFA last year, how was that?

Yeah… that's something I've tried forgetting! I'm joking, it was wicked! I did get absolutely hammered, though! He definitely didn't take it easy on me, that's for sure. The first half was pretty even, I'd say, then he opened up on me and I think it was like 5-1 by the end of it.

How do you think United will approach Sunday?

For the win. I think if we can beat Liverpool, it will give us the confidence in going on in the tournament and beating other teams.

What's your prediction?

I'm going to say 1-0 to United.

Check out Little Bit Of Love by Tom Grennan on the official Liverpool FC Spotify, taken from his forthcoming album Evering Road.