Ever wondered what it takes to make a successful, modern-day football manager?

Competing in multiple competitions, building a competitive squad, overseeing the latest training methods and tactical analysis brings with it a unique set of challenges – not to mention dealing with a variety of constant media requests.

The nature of today’s managerial role can be as diverse as it is demanding, so to help give a little insight into how those at the pinnacle of the sport prepare for success, we asked Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp to share his top tips.

Drawing from his vast experience in the game, the Anfield gaffer also reveals the best and the most challenging aspects of being a football manager.

So whether you’re an aspiring coach to players, or looking to dominate the global competition on our LFC Fantasy Manager app, Jürgen’s advice could help you on your way to victory.

Click play on the video embedded above.

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