Safeguarding FAQs

Going to a match at Anfield

What is the minimum age you can attend on your own?

To enter the Stadium all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is aged 18 years or older.

If I am 13 can I sit on my own?

Ideally you must be sat next to the adult who you came with, however if this is not possible then you must be in the same seating block as your adult so that they have a clear and unobstructed view of you.

Can I go to the toilet without my parent?

Your parent should accompany you to the toilet so that you do not get lost. Anfield is a big Stadium and it is easy to become disorientated and lose your way around and the location of your seat.

Can I buy food at the bar and go without my parent?

Whilst you can be served at the bar with food, ideally your parent should accompany you to avoid you getting lost or disorientated.

As a parent, can I leave my child in their seat whilst I go to the bar / food stand?

Whilst you are at Anfield your child is your responsibility, you should not leave your child unaccompanied in their seat. You need to think about what you would do if there was an emergency and your child was left unaccompanied.

Can my child be left in the cage playing football whilst I collect tickets?

No. You must always have sight of your child whilst at Anfield. Anfield on a matchday is a big and busy place and it is easy for children to become disorientated.

Where shall I go if I lose my child?

Ideally when planning to come to Anfield you should talk to your child about what they should do in this situation. Once at Anfield familiarise yourself and your child with the surroundings and identify a place/landmark that you will go to if you become separated i.e. The Shankly Statue. Ask a member of the Fan Support Team for a wristband for your child, you can write your contact number and seat number on the wristband and this will help if you and your child become separated. Show your child what a steward looks like and advise them to go to them if you do become separated.

If you do become separated from your child alert the nearest steward, they will be able to help you.

Where do I go if I lose my parent?

If you become separated from your parent do not leave the Stadium, go to your nearest steward they will help you. If you have arranged a meet up place with your adult tell the Steward.

What should I do if fans are behaving aggressively / drunk around my child?

The Stadium can be a loud and daunting experience for a child, you should prepare them in advance about how loud the Stadium may be. If fans are acting inappropriately around you notify your nearest steward.

You can also use the text number text LFC to 64446 to report any discriminatory behaviour.

Can my child who is 13 years old go to the game with his cousin who is 16?

No. To enter the Stadium all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is aged 18 years or older.

I am 16 years old and I have been given a ticket for one of the Hospitality Lounges, can I go in on my own?

No. The Hospitality areas are classed as licensed premises you will need an adult to accompany you.

Can I bring a baby into the Stadium?

Yes. You can bring a baby to the Stadium, but they must have a valid match ticket and an allocated seat, even if they are a baby in arms.

What should I do in an emergency?

Listen to any instruction given on the PA system, listen and do exactly what the Stewards are telling you to do. All Stewards are trained to the highest standard and will tell you what to do and where to go in an emergency.

I am a Child; will I be searched when I come to the Stadium?

If a Steward suspects that you are concealing something that is not permitted into the Stadium, then you might be searched.

However you will be asked to produce the item, and if you refuse and the Steward still suspects you are carrying something he or she will ask for both you and your adults permission for you to be searched.

The search will be conducted sensitively and will be carried out by a specially trained safeguarding steward and a log of the search will be completed.

How do I report something I am worried about?

There are several ways you report something you are worried about.

You can tell your nearest Steward, alternatively you can request to speak with a specially trained Safeguarding Steward or ask to speak to the Stadium Designated Safeguarding Lead. You can also head to the LFC website, visit the safeguarding section and fill in an online form

I want to take my disabled child to a match at Anfield, how do I get tickets?

Liverpool FC have a dedicated team dealing with disabled supporters enquiries and tickets, the LFC website is also a good place to find information.

Before applying for match tickets, disabled supporters will be required to register with Liverpool Football Club by submitting one of the documents listed below. The details of those documents will be kept on our records and will not be requested again. We are unable to process any tickets until we have received the required documentation. The below documentation can be submitted by accessing the contact page on the website, emailing or in writing to:

Liverpool Football Club, Disability Ticketing Team

Ticket Office

Po Box 204

L69 3JF

The documentation you will need to provide includes

  • A letter from the Department of Works and Pensions confirming your entitlement to the higher or middle rate mobility/care component of Disability Living Allowance.
  • A letter from your GP confirming the nature of your disability
  • A letter confirming you receive Enhanced rate of Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
  • BD8 Certificate (Visually Impaired supporters only)

To contact the dedicated disability team by phone, please call 0151 2642500 and select the disability option, or you can email at

Other questions

I have a concern about the conduct of a member of LFC Staff? What should I do?

We expect all LFC staff to behave in an exemplary manner.

If you feel an LFC Member of staff has behaved poorly, please fill in this form. It will go to the LFC Safeguarding team. A member of this team will be in touch with you as soon as possible after that. LFC Allegations policy is available, please email 

My child wants to join a community activity run by Liverpool FC.

Go to the LFC Foundation website all details of community activities can be found here.

My child came home from a Foundation activity unhappy, what should I do?

Fill in this form. It will go to the LFC Safeguarding team. A member of this team will be in touch with you as soon as possible after that.