European Cup

AC Milan v Liverpool to be played at San Siro on Tuesday December 7.

Important COVID-19 information received from AC Milan:

As per Italian anti COVID-19 regulations, children AGED 12 OR ABOVE are NOT exonerated from the vaccine, therefore any supporter aged 12 or above who hasn’t completed their vaccination cycle will NOT BE ALLOWED to enter the stadium.

PCR tests, rapid antigen tests (nasal, saliva swabs etc.) and any other forms of testing will NOT be accepted as a medium/vehicle to be exonerated from the vaccine so, once again, supporters WITHOUT their completed vaccination cycle will be denied access to San Siro stadium.

General travelling information

It is the individual supporter’s responsibility to refer to and meet the entry requirements on the Government website for the latest updates before travelling to Italy.

Detailed information for fans is available here.

Liverpool FC cannot be held responsible for refused entry either into Italy or into the stadium.