Priority Rights Holders

Priority Rights Holders with a Ticket Entitlement Certificate are entitled to purchase tickets (a maximum of 1 ticket per Priority Right held) for:

  • Home Cup matches
  • Finals.


On holding    

1 Priority Right                                   1 stand ticket  

2 Priority Rights                                 2 stand tickets

3 Priority Rights                                 3 stand tickets

4 Priority Rights                                 4 stand tickets


Please Note - entitlement for Priority Right Holders does not include:

  • Premier League Home Games
  • Premier League Away Games
  • Away Cup Games

Selling details for each game are advertised on our website


Anfield will be using NFC (near field communication) technology for stadium entry, and all tickets will be digital on a smartphone, in the form of an NFC pass.

Unlike season ticket holders and Official Members, Priority Rights Holders, will initially be required to download your NFC pass (ticket) to your smartphone for each game you purchase a ticket for.

If you are eligible to purchase more than one ticket, you can you use the Ticket Distribution option in your My Account to forward the additional ticket(s) to the other supporter(s) attending by providing their name, email address and mobile. Those attending do not have to be an official Member or be part of your Friends & Family list, but they must be able to access the stadium using the new NFC technology. 

Before downloading an NFC pass for each game, we strongly recommend that each supporter attending reviews the step-by-step relevant to the smart mobile phone that they personally, will use to gain access to the stadium on match days.

To view the guide for an iPhone 6 or above, click here.

To view the guide for an Android/Google phone, click here.

NFC is compatible with iPhone 6 and above and most Android/Google phones.