Priority Rights Holders

Priority Rights Holders with a Ticket Entitlement Certificate are entitled to purchase tickets (a maximum of 1 ticket per Priority Right held) for:

  • Home Cup matches
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals.

Please Note - entitlement for Priority Right Holders does not include:

  • Premier League Home Games
  • Premier League Away Games
  • Away Cup Games

Please refer to the ticketing guide for if you are not a Season Ticket Holder, Member of Fan Card Holder.

Selling details for each game are advertised on our website and in the local press, the Liverpool Echo.


On holding    

1 Priority Right                                   1 stand ticket  

2 Priority Rights                                 2 stand tickets

3 Priority Rights                                 3 stand tickets

4 Priority Rights                                 4 stand tickets



Q. How do I buy tickets?

A. Tickets are available online only.


Q. I am entitled to more than one ticket, how do I ensure I can purchase tickets together?

A. You have been allocated one Priority Right Holder Member number and password per Priority Right.  To be able to purchase multiple tickets, each Member number must be linked on our ticketing system; full details on how to do this can be found by logging in to 'My Account' and selecting the Friends and Family option. Alternatively, our Customer Services Team (+44 151 264 2500) can provide you with the support you need and talk you through the process.


Q. Can I purchase tickets for any Season Tickets or Memberships I hold during the specific Priority Rights Holders sales?

A. No, the Priority Right Holder sales are for Priority Right Holders only.  Priority Right Holders can still purchase tickets with Season Ticket Holders and Members during the relevant Season Ticket/Members sales, subject to availability.  

Q. Will I still receive paper tickets for my ticket purchases?

A. Yes, paper tickets will still be issued for each ticket purchased.

For any further support or guidance or if you have any enquiries please contact our Fan Services Team on +44 151 264 2500, Monday - Friday 8.15am - 5.45pm, Saturday - 9.15am - 3pm.