Non ST Holder, Member

I am not a 'Season Ticket Holder or Member'... How can I buy tickets for?

Premier League Home Games:

  • After sales to Members, subject to availability a limited number of tickets will go on a Local General sale, approximately 1 week before the game. Full details and dates of sale will be announced here for each game. 
  • Availability will be advertised on our website before the sale
  • Tickets can be purchased online only

Premier League Away Games:

  • Tickets usually sell out to Season Ticket Holders and Members 
  • Should any tickets remain after the above sales; tickets will be made available for general sale.
  • For ticketing availability please visit our website


Cup Competitions:

  • Tickets for home and away Cup games are made available initially to Season Ticket Holders and Members only and are subject to specific selling arrangements which will be advertised on our website as soon as possible after each draw has taken place. If a general sale is to take place, this will be advertised on our website.