Auto Cup Scheme Information

Auto Cup Scheme 2017-18

The Auto Cup Scheme allows Season Ticket holders and Members the opportunity to secure home tickets for Liverpool FC’s season-wide cup campaigns – The European Cup, FA Cup and League Cup competitions. Once you've registered in the Auto Cup Scheme, you'll remain in it for as long as the team is involved in the competitions you've enlisted for.


Keep us updated with your details

Please click here to update your payment details.

Please click here to update your email address and mobile number if they change throughout the season.  

As long as your details are correct we will be able to contact you with important Auto Cup Scheme updates including if your payment fails.

Email confirmation will always be sent to the registered email address confirming if your payment has been successful or unsuccessful once payment has been attempted.

Failure to update your payment card will result in payment failures and the subsequent removal from the Auto Cup Scheme.

Champions League Play-Off Round

Auto Cup Scheme payment will be taken for this game and tickets purchased will not count towards any future sales criteria.




STADIUM ACCESS - will my card be activated for entry to the stadium?