Red Together

What is Red Together all about?

Red Together is Liverpool FC’s approach to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. We are the world’s greatest club supported by the world’s greatest fans. We are aiming to be the most inclusive football club - providing fair opportunities to as many different people as possible, being welcoming and meeting their needs as best we can in:

  • Employment
  • Watching the game
  • Playing the game
  • Supporting the team

We expect supporters to be committed to this too and to follow the Club’s rules where applicable. Wherever possible, the Club will take steps to ensure the environment is free from abusive or discriminatory behaviour. It is about behaving in the right way towards fellow fans, colleagues, players and even our opponents- no matter who they are. Our game and our club are for everyone.

We will continue to develop what we do so that as many people as possible can access the Club and its services in whatever way they want. Liverpool FC will do this by:

  • Ensuring any discrimination or breaches of the Club’s rules are dealt with in line with Club policy and passed to law enforcement agencies and partners, where necessary.
  • Providing facilities to report inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour. You can report any such behaviour via text on 64446. Start your text with ‘LFC’. Or you can raise your concerns with a steward. Either option may allow us to take immediate action at the time or you may report your concerns at a more convenient time to Liverpool FC direct by email.
  • Providing facilities and services which meet your requirements as much as possible. Our facilities and services include a faith room, halal and kosher catering and a variety of accessible facilities.
  • Training staff to offer the services you require.
  • Listening to you to improve what we do and working closely with Liverpool FC Disabled Supporters Association and the Fan Forums.
  • Raising awareness through our club channels using Red Together messaging and working with partner organisations.

We hope that you will embrace these measures and help us to make Liverpool Football Club the welcoming environment we want it to be. We would love to hear from you about your experiences and if you have any feedback to help us to improve our services. If you have any Equality and Diversity queries please contact

You are part of this. We are all part of this, and we will lead the way for others to follow.

Red Together is about:

  • Supporting the Reds
  • Men, women or however you define you gender
  • Children watching their heroes
  • Lifelong diehard fans
  • Season Ticket Holders
  • People who come to a few games a year
  • People who take an extra special, once in a lifetime trip from the other side of the world to experience Anfield, the atmosphere and camaraderie we cherish so dearly
  • Local scousers, people from elsewhere and across the world willing the teams on
  • Respect
  • Giving more time to those who need it
  • Understanding everyone is different, but sharing what brings us all together – our love of football and LFC
  • Using an accessible parking space, only if you need it
  • Using tailored toilet and changing facilities, only if you need them
  • Giving people the facilities, they need to pray during game time, if required
  • Being able to breastfeed your baby
  • Being able to eat in accordance with your dietary needs
  • Work, careers, and opportunities for everyone to earn a fair living 
  • Being “the twelfth player” that gives the opposition hell but does not cross a line and go too far