Harvey Elliott views Saturday night's trip to Crystal Palace as an opportunity for Liverpool to show a response and build on their Premier League form.

The Reds are looking to brush off the disappointment of the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid in midweek by registering their third consecutive victory in the top flight. 

To do that they must overcome Patrick Vieira's side under the floodlights at Selhurst Park, with Elliott fully aware how only an exemplary performance can see the visitors leave with three points. 

The No.19 spoke to Liverpoolfc.com at the AXA Training Centre to preview the encounter – read on for the interview...

Harvey, it's been a week of mixed fortunes but obviously it's a quick turnaround to the next game. Does that help in that there's no time to dwell on what was a tough night against Real Madrid? 

Most definitely, and an opportunity for us to put things right again. That's the great thing about football, you can't dwell on things too much and you can't get too excited over your last win, for example, because there's another game just around the corner that you need to prepare for. That's exactly what we're going to be doing. It's another tough game against Palace and hopefully we can put it right again. 

It's important to keep in mind the progress that had been made before the Madrid game – back-to-back wins, clean sheets..

Definitely. Obviously the Newcastle and Everton games were, to our standards this season, unbelievable. There were glimpses of us from last season and the season before that. Just for us it's about putting things right, going out and making sure we do the basics right again. Not feel too deflated with the Madrid game, as much as it hurt us and annoyed us. It's football and you just need to go out in each and every game and try to put it right – which is exactly what we're preparing to do and willing to do against Palace. With all that said, it's going to be another tough game. Obviously going there, it's always a tough place to go and we're going to need another great performance to get a result.

When you look at the Premier League table, obviously it’s looking healthier now than it was in recent weeks. When you've got a target in mind, this team is very capable of digging deep and putting a run together to reach that target...

For us, I feel it's always motivation to try to prove people wrong. I think many people are maybe doubting us to get a Champions League spot, to finish high up in the table, for example, or to get further in the Champions League. For us, it's always motivation. We want to keep proving people wrong. We always want to go out and enjoy the experiences, enjoy these challenges because, at the end of the day, it’s what makes us as players and what gives us that opportunity to go out and learn again on a different stage, different circumstance. As I said, it's just motivation to put things right and to reach as far as we can possibly reach. That's exactly what we're going to be trying to do.

We've obviously seen the likes of Virgil, Bobby and Diogo coming back into the fold in the last few weeks as well. There’s a busy period of games coming up, so it's a chance for everyone to play their part...

Definitely. We're going to need each and every member of the squad, the coaching staff as well as the fans. It's going be another tough period for us and a busy period, and we need each and every person involved in Liverpool to give us that support, which they've been doing throughout this season although times have been tough. With the players, we just need to be ready when we're called upon, to go out and make sure we put in 110 per cent for the team, for the badge, for the fans and collectively try to get a result. Everyone's ready – they seem ready in training. Everyone's been firing and ready to go and ready to prove people wrong.

It’s Palace this weekend and they're not having the best calendar year – but it's always a tricky place to go, isn't it? What kind of a game are you anticipating?

It's always a tough place, so hostile with the fans right by the pitch and always behind them. They're a well-drilled team and have a lot of talent in the team as well. But like any game in the Premier League, it's never an easy game. You always need to put in 110 per cent to get the result and make sure you're fully concentrated and focused throughout the game. It's always going to be a tough game, so we're expecting a lot from them. They have very talented players, so we can't forget about that. But it's just about us really, performing to the best of our abilities and hopefully getting a result and being a team we all know Liverpool can be.