Jürgen Klopp has underscored the ‘massive’ contribution made by Liverpool’s staff towards the club’s Premier League title success.

The manager used his pre-Brighton & Hove Albion press conference to highlight the vital work done by employees not on the pitch in aiding those on it.

Indeed, such collective efforts were crucial to the Reds during the suspension of football due to the COVID-19 pandemic as staff across multiple areas of the club pulled together to work through the lockdown and ensure players were ready to resume work at Melwood in May after more than two months away.

“I'm not sure they are ‘little’ [things],” Klopp said of the work of his backroom team. “They are not in public, but they are massive.

“There are no little things in this process, to be honest, there are only things we see in public and things we don’t see it public. We appreciate it all in the same manner.

“I am not sure, but I never understood it 100 per cent why people make a cut [on] who gets a medal and who does not get a medal, but the medal you get is here [head] and maybe here [heart].

“It is not too important if you really have [a physical medal] in the end because you don't look at it every day; it is much more important that you are involved and that we show the appreciation and respect we have for all the people who were involved in that process.

“It is not important, but for a player, for example, maybe it's more important than other people who are involved in it.

“We will find a way to show how much we appreciate what everyone has done. If there is a medal needed for it, then we will create our own one.

“We will never forget it anyway, so all good.”

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