In our new feature interview 'Life in lockdown with Jürgen Klopp', the manager revealed details of how reconnecting with former schoolmates has resulted in him being sent old photographs of himself - and he's given us permission to show you them.

"I don't have any pictures here for myself, they are all in my mother's house, I never thought about getting them or whatever," Klopp explained. "But my cousin, who was in my class with me, she started with baby photos and then I asked in the classmates group if they have some pictures and then they were shooting like crazy!

"I had a wonderful day, to be honest - I was really laughing so hard. A lot of nice memories came up, it was a wonderful, wonderful thing to do. And now I have all these pictures, which is nice."

Take a look at a selection of the photos Klopp shared with us below - and watch our exclusive interview with him in full by clicking here.

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