Jürgen Klopp has reiterated his message that Liverpool can only give their best and see where it leads as their quest for silverware enters another important week.

The Reds’ 5-0 victory over Huddersfield Town on Friday night was cancelled out by Manchester City’s win at Burnley on Sunday, meaning the reigning champions lead the Premier League by one point with two matches remaining.

For now, though, Klopp’s men are focused on their Champions League semi-final against FC Barcelona, which starts with a trip to Camp Nou this Wednesday.

So much will be decided in the next fortnight, but the Liverpool manager takes a philosophical view of the situation his side are in and is concentrated on nothing other than inspiring the highest performance levels from his players.

“It’s a really good moment where we are because I go to bed and have football on my mind, I wake up with a line-up in my mind or a player running from left to right, shooting or whatever. That’s the truth,” Klopp told Premier League Productions.

“That’s not always nice; in the moment it’s nice because it’s all positive thoughts in my mind. In football, when you won the last game you can imagine to win the next. If you lost the last game it’s so difficult to imagine to win the next. That’s our life constantly.

“We won a couple of games and we are in a really good moment. I enjoy that. A few weeks ago people asked me if I can enjoy the period and I said, ‘Not really, it’s work.’ And it is work. But I like how my team are dealing with the situation; I’m really proud of the boys, how they deal with it.

“I think from the outside it looks so difficult and the boys deliver and deliver and deliver – that’s the cool thing. The rest is destiny. We don’t know. We have to do our best and we will see what we get for it.”