Jürgen Klopp acknowledged his frustration after Liverpool went down to a 2-1 defeat by Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday night – but he remains optimistic about his side's chances of progression from Champions League Group C.

The French champions struck twice inside the opening 37 minutes via Juan Bernat and Neymar to put them in the driving seat.

However, James Milner’s successfully-converted spot-kick gave the Reds hope in first-half stoppage-time and the visitors pushed for a leveller throughout the second period.

But PSG were able to hold onto their advantage and it means it goes down to the final matchday in Group C to determine who progresses into the final 16, with Liverpool needing to defeat Napoli at Anfield to stand a chance of qualifying.

Read on for a summary of Klopp’s post-match press conference from Paris…

On his reaction to the game…

I had already 20 interviews after the game to explain it 20 times – and it still feels not good, of course. It was a very important game for us and it was clear the start would be like the start was, especially when you saw their line-up. The approach they chose was full-risk, especially in the beginning – try everything as long as your legs carry you. With the quality they have it was quite intense to deal with. Ali had two saves I think; one save and one clearance in another situation. Then the first goal; it was defended kind of, Bernat with the right foot and then it’s a goal. The second one was a counter-attack and with the second ball as well, so that was a massive threat. As I said, they took the risk in these situations and then with the speed they have, it is not really to defend. But we did in the first moment, but in the second ball again they got it and could score. I always felt this game was still open so if we score one then we were in the game again. We did that, 45th minute, after somebody had to convince the ref [it was a penalty] and then it was clear. There were a lot of spaces we saw from outside but it was not that clear on the pitch for the boys. We showed them in half-time, but unfortunately – because it’s football – they adapted as well and closed the last line in the centre, which was open unbelievably wide in the first half. We didn’t use it and then in second half when we wanted to use it, it was not open anymore – that’s football, use the chance when you have it. Still, we were in the game.

We chased the game with a lot of passion, but Paris were very passionate as well. I’ve already spoken about it, and I know it will be the main headline – ‘Klopp said…’ and stuff like that – but the number of interruptions in the game just was not cool. I said it a few times, two times in a row we won the fair-play table in England and tonight we looked like butchers when you look at the yellow cards we had. It was clever of PSG. We were not that calm anymore, it makes you aggressive, but unfortunately a kind of negative aggressive, which doesn’t help in football. You are rather frustrated. But that’s to deal with, that’s the job for us to deal with, and if the ref lets it happen then you have to deal with it as a team. In two, three or four situations we had the chance to do much better with one little decision – Robbo in the box, fantastic play, and then we hit the first player who makes a sliding tackle. The quick corner we had, we can go in the box and do something else… there were a lot of moments that with one little different decision we are in a very promising moment. That’s the reason we lost; they scored two and we scored one and in these moments, our decision-making was not good enough.

On whether he is confident of qualifying…

Yes, of course. I know that. We need Anfield again, we need to create an atmosphere which is pretty special. But Napoli is a really strong side and they played well here, they played against us really well – OK, we were not that good that night, but they played really good. But it’s in 13 days, December 11, so we have a few other games before that. We have to make a special night of it, 100 per cent, if we want to go through. If we do that and win it then we deserve it, if we don’t then we don’t deserve it, that’s how it is. 

On the reaction he expects to see against Everton on Sunday…

Come on, it’s a derby, we don’t have to show a reaction. If we had won 5-0 tonight then we would have had to show a reaction on Sunday. This game is isolated from the season: it’s a derby, it’s at home. Everton are doing really well this season, they’re a completely different cup of tea, I would say, to the last few years so it will be a tough one. We have to be 100 per cent spot on, but that was clear before this game so it’s not about showing a reaction, it’s about carrying on, go, go, go in the league, get as many points as you can get, win your home games, win your away games in the best way. That’s how it is. Until Sunday, we will be ready again. It’s not what I say here, it’s what we show there.

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