Jürgen Klopp has explained the role Hans Leitert fulfils with Liverpool.

The manager was asked to clarify reports this week that the Austrian serves as a goalkeeping consultant for the club.

“Giving advice for the scouting department, nothing else. It’s not that he makes any decisions, he can’t. That’s how it is,” replied Klopp at his pre-Southampton press conference.

“But goalkeeping is a special position, so I think it makes sense that in the scouting department we have somebody who is more responsible for that.

“But it’s not that he comes in and says, ‘I found it, this is our new No.1’.

“We have a lot of goalkeepers at the club for different age groups, and that’s what his job is, first of all. The only person responsible for goalkeeper training in the first team is John Achterberg.

“For head of scouting, we have other people. But he brings in all the information he can get, that’s all. We have people for Germany, we have people for Austria, we have people for each country. And we have people for goalkeeping in all these countries – and Hans is this guy.”