Jürgen Klopp has insisted Liverpool will offer Rhian Brewster 'all the support he needs' after the young striker this week spoke out about the racial abuse he has faced during his fledgling career.

In an interview with the Guardian published on Thursday, Brewster detailed instances where he has been targeted by fans and opponents while representing Chelsea, Liverpool and England at youth level.

Asked about how LFC will look to support the 17-year-old, Klopp told reporters: "[He will get] all the support he needs, he wants, and all the support you can give.

"It’s quite interesting to be honest because I am really long in this business, in this sport, and I have never faced a situation like that.

"That means to a lot of people, you think it doesn’t happen, but obviously it happens all the time. 

"I am really happy – and you need to be brave – that he is brave enough to do what he did because it is such an important thing. 

"I really can’t believe that people have these kind of thoughts still in their mind, it’s so strange in this world that it happens. 

"Obviously, we needed a 17-year-old boy to shout out, to say, ‘it’s still happening and it happens all the time - I need help, we need help and we have to stop that’.

"It's not a situation that you want a 17-year-old boy [to be] in but, if it is like this, then he needs help and we will give it to him, of course."