There are several variations of Liverpool fan chants for Salah, but his name can be heard at every fixture: home, away and in Europe. So, just how much is he enjoying life at his new club?

It’s good, I’m very happy here, but in all honesty I don’t go out much – I just stay at home with family and they really like Liverpool, too. But I’ve been out in the city one or two times and had a walk around the area.

At home, I like to watch TV to relax or read a book. It changes my mood, I’m not just watching and thinking about football all the time. I like to enjoy my time with family. I was watching English TV mainly since I arrived, but recently I had Arabic TV installed, so now I am starting to watch it. I don’t watch TV that much, though – I probably watch more things on YouTube, or read books.

I like comedy movies because I like to laugh, and so I’ll watch them on our flights. I’ll also watch videos about how to improve yourself.

I understand Scouse, I think, but it’s very difficult… very difficult! The accent is so hard to understand. Flanno’s accent is the worst one – I cannot understand anything from him. The way he is talking is like he’s not talking normally!

I am happy when the fans sing my name. I can hear them on the pitch and it makes me happy. It makes you feel like, ‘wow’. It changes your emotions. I have to thank the fans very much for singing my name. Really, I respect it a lot. It’s a big thing for me – to have been here for a few months, but to have the fans singing my name every game, showing me love and respect, it means a lot to me.

On the subject of singing, it is true I did an initiation song during the pre-season training camp in Germany! I sung it in Arabic so nobody could understand! It was a good time. Since I arrived here, I have been speaking to all of my teammates. It was very quick how fast I settled into the group.

It’s going good for me here, but I always felt I would settle quickly. And I think I can get better, 100 per cent. I can improve on many things, so I have to keep working hard, I have to keep looking forward.

As a team, I know we haven’t won the Premier League for a long time, so I would love to win it with Liverpool. We have a great team, we have a great manager, so everything is good at the club – and I am sure we can win trophies here together.

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