Jürgen Klopp has provided an in-depth breakdown of the issues he believes have resulted in Liverpool conceding goals this season.

The Reds' backline has been breached on 13 occasions across seven games this term - a statistic that has resulted in just two clean sheets thus far.

Klopp remains adamant that a lack of concentration, rather than quality, is behind his team's porousness at times.

And the manager is keen for his players to take collective responsibility, rather than defer to the defenders.

"Our fault is that we obviously give you all the opportunity to talk about it, that's our mistake," he said.

"It's a lack of concentration, I think. Everybody who played football missed the ball in whichever situation and, for a defender, like a goalkeeper, sometimes you can make a world-class game but in the wrong moment do something like this and it's a goal. 

"That's the problem for all defenders, but it's not a quality thing. How it is here, it looks like a little bit a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

"We are talking about this all the time [but] everybody conceded goals so far. We cannot take out the five goals of City but, if we would, then we had a lot of games with decent defensive performances. 

"It would be easy to have a look at this team and say it's so exciting how they play - and I'm not sure if it’s the world in general or it's a Liverpool thing - but we are always looking for one thing we can be angry with or not happy with.

"That's the situation but it's our mistake that we give these opportunities. The first goal we conceded in the last game, we made five mistakes before the final mistake. 

"The second goal was a quick throw-in and, until he came between the two defenders, there were already three or four options to avoid this situation. 

"It's a defending problem but not a defending problem of the centre-halves. They can only defend what we give them and sometimes the situations are not to defend anymore. 

"I'm not sure if the second one is one of these situations but it was unlucky how he went through the two boys and then he scored. 

"It’s our job to work with it and it's not allowed in professional football to make a confidence thing of it because that would make no sense. 

"I said it after the game, I know, and my English is not good enough to make it 100 per cent clear but, if there would be a quality problem and if there would have been a solution out there, then we would have done it. 

"If there is nobody and no real quality issue, you have to work on it and that’s what we do."