It is somewhat surprising to learn that Joe Gomez and Danny Ings consider themselves 'lucky' given the travails they have faced at Liverpool.

Both players saw promising starts to their respective Anfield careers ruined by serious injuries, but they certainly haven't let that dampen their spirits.

Instead, the Reds duo take the positives from the lengthy lay-offs they were forced to deal with - such as a new-found appreciation of how fortunate they are to be footballers in the first place.

In 'A Lap of Melwood with Ings and Gomez', which premieres on LFCTV at 4.45pm BST on Friday, the pair talk through the difficulties of rehabilitation, the mental barriers they had to overcome and supporting each other through it all.

Now back in contention after returning to action in January, Gomez explains why he isn't keen on completely forgetting about his injury nightmare. The 19-year-old says: "I still think about it quite a bit. 

"It's a good thing to hold onto in terms of staying grounded and being grateful. 

"When you go through a tough time like that, like we have, it puts everything in perspective."

Ings remains equally upbeat, despite suffering a devastating setback in November that means he won't be back on the pitch until next season.

The striker adds: "It makes you realise how lucky we are to have this as our careers."

Having both suffered their knee injuries in the first week of Jürgen Klopp's reign as Liverpool boss, Ings and Gomez took the journey back to full fitness together.

And the respect they built up for each other as they simultaneously went through that gruelling process is evident.

Gomez tells Ings: "The biggest thing that impressed me about you - because we got to know each other on a deeper level - [was that] you were so positive the whole time. 

"Even when I knew you weren't [feeling] that good, you still had time to lift the mood, not only for me but around the whole place. 

"It gave the whole rehab for me looking back a different memory, a positive one over one of struggle."

Ings responds: "If I was to describe the way you were in the rehab, it was just incredible for someone of your age. 

"To go through that, the way that you coped with it was incredible. You diverted all the anger and stress into your work and you probably didn't realise how much it pushed me."