Moments of 'individual brilliance' will help Liverpool unlock the deep defences they have so often been frustrated by since the turn of the year, Emile Heskey believes.

And the former Reds striker is confident that Jürgen Klopp has enough players capable of providing such inspiration to ensure his team can overcome massed opposition more regularly during the run-in.

LFC endured a poor start to 2017 as they picked up just one win over the course of 10 games, but they looked to have turned a corner in beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 at Anfield earlier this month.

Whether Klopp's men can replicate that performance when facing teams less willing to go toe-to-toe remains to be seen - but Heskey is convinced that will be the case.

"I've done it when I went back to Liverpool with lesser teams," he told

"Your first objective is to stop them scoring and then it's thinking about how you're going to score after. 

"They just set up to stop you. It's for you to figure it out, but that's where you need your individual brilliance at times to create something. 

"I believe Liverpool do have those players to create something out of nothing."

The former No.8 also revealed his belief that the Reds must pick up more wins when not at their scintillating best to ensure they emerge triumphant in the five-way battle for a top-four finish that appears to be shaping up.

"It's obviously consistency," he added, when asked what is required from Liverpool over the remainder of the season. "Can you be more consistent that the others?

"Adam Lallana touched on it, it's about winning ugly. That's one of the major things people are going to be looking at. 

"They are dominating games [and] it's nice to see possession and opportunities, but are they taking them? That's one of the things you have to do."