Jürgen Klopp felt Liverpool 'got something back' as they tussled with Chelsea on Tuesday night – and the manager has called on his team to now make the most of their final 15 matches.

Having been beaten in three consecutive home games before the visit of the Premier League leaders, the Reds produced a much-improved display throughout a 1-1 draw.

Elimination from both the EFL Cup and FA Cup means Klopp’s team will mostly be tasked with one fixture per week for the remainder of the season, offering more time to fine-tune the side in training.

The manager admitted that opportunity can be helpful if used properly, and also praised the contribution of the players and supporters during a pulsating meeting with Chelsea.

“Of course it helps us when we can train,” Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com. “I hope that people can still see that we work together between the games and that we do a little bit.

“Of course it helps us when we can do some things on the training ground. We are looking forward to it. We’ll love these final 15 games – that’s great. But we haven’t won a game next month [yet]. So, we have to start.

“We’ll watch Hull at Manchester United and then we will prepare ourselves, go there and try everything. We got something back, that’s good. But we have to carry on.

“It’s a fantastic club that is able to create an atmosphere like this. Not a lot of places can do this. When we made the equaliser, it was like when we played here against Dortmund. That was really good. You could actually feel the relief.

“But we need to learn to keep our nerves; it’s not everything world-class when we win a game 3-0 or 4-0, but not everything is bad when we lose, even when we lose three games.

“And the reasons… we couldn’t play the strongest side all the time. ‘But we should have more players’ – yes, maybe, but you cannot know [about] injuries before, and things like this. That’s really important.

“We [can] all together use the time. We stuck together, for sure. I see the people still say ‘Hello’ when I pass them! Let’s keep the nerves, let’s use our common experience in this small period and then go for everything. We will see where it leads us.”

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