Jürgen Klopp today issued a guarantee that Liverpool will 'do everything' to ensure a successful finish to the season and consign what has been a difficult week at Anfield to the past.

After suffering their first Premier League home defeat in over a year against Swansea City, the Reds were knocked out of the EFL Cup and FA Cup by Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers respectively to compound a difficult seven-day spell.

Speaking ahead of the visit of league leaders Chelsea on Tuesday, Klopp made no excuses for the results that did significant damage to his team's hopes of silverware this term.

But he remains determined not to let the campaign end with a whimper, and has called for both players and fans to fight for whatever they can get over the remainder of 2016-17.

When asked what he requires to bring success to LFC in both the long and short-term, the boss replied: "Different things. 

"For the future we need players, our players plus a few new faces, that's clear, but it was clear before the season. In this moment we need, especially, as a team, to have faith, belief and all that stuff and [to be] as confident as possible. 

"It's an interesting sign of life that it can change in one month. But, of course, my job here is really to put out the emotion when I judge situations. After a bad game, I cannot say now we have to get rid of him and change everything. 

"That's the main thing in the job: to stay calm and make the right decisions. But that's long-term - what we will do next season. This season, that's another interesting thing - for us, for all of us, the challenge is to stay positive. 

"There are still reasons for this. Last week, we lost three home games, that feels less than average. But it's three different competitions, [so] it's better than all in one competition. 

"We left the EFL Cup in the second-best moment, in the semi-final. Not a world-class performance, 100 per cent not, so deserved - a little bit unlucky but deserved. We left the FA Cup, like a few other teams did, that's not good, absolutely not. 

"And, at the beginning of the week, we lost a Premier League game, the first since I don't know exactly when at home. So, it's all about the point of view, how you want to see it. If you now only take these three games and want to say everything is rubbish, then I cannot change. 

"But for us it's very important that we really still build on the good things and that is, in my understanding, how life should be. If you suffer more [from] the bad things in your day than you can celebrate the good things, then you will always struggle to be a happy person.  As human beings we are a little bit like this.

"Is it allowed to go for the best position in the Premier League which is possible for us? Or should we already put the head down and say, 'OK, we failed again, sorry, let's come through the season somehow and next season we try again with different players or - I don't know if somebody asked for it - a different manager'? 

"I cannot decide about this, but I really think that we should try everything to make the best of the base we created until now. Many teams left the EFL Cup before we left it, we didn't pick maybe the best moment but it happened already. 

"I cannot ignore our good games - I cannot - that's how I said. We have the possibility to play really good football and the next 100-and-something days are really important for us. 

"I would give the advice to everybody who wants to help: stay positive, there is no reason for anything else, absolutely not. If you want [to be positive], you are absolutely welcome and, actually, in the short-term, it would help a lot against Chelsea, because they are not a really bad team."

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Liverpool trail Antonio Conte's side by 10 points in the English top flight ahead of their meeting on Tuesday, but that is of little interest to Klopp.

The German insisted he is only concerned with matters he can control - such as the performances of his team and the possibility of Champions League qualification.

He added: "Look, let's go to the end of the season. I think it's possible we could qualify for the Champions League and should we then stay there and say, 'sorry, I know we lost here and there and that's why we didn't become champions'?

"Is it allowed to celebrate a position like this, in this league, in this strong league, with the outstanding run of Chelsea so far? Nobody else has influence on it, they play their season and we play them two times, that's all. 

"I think, yes, it should be allowed that we celebrate something like this. And as long as this is possible for us we should fight for it because that's how a football season is - go for it. 

"I saw it in your faces when you asked the questions after the last game. I thought you would be angry, but my feeling was more you were depressed! I cannot change this. Everybody can tell me [in the past] we had exactly the same situation, [going out] of the League Cup semi-final, FA Cup fourth round, [losing] in the league. 

"That's not to change. What we can do is we can change, from this moment, the future. We can have influence on it and that's all that I'm interested in. 

"Yes, I think it's a lot to go for in the season and I think we should try and not stop now and judge players and all the things around and talk about all the mistakes we made in the season. 

"We made that many mistakes in the season that we are still fourth in the league and we [went] out of the EFL Cup semi-finals - that's it. There are worse things in the world, but I know and I accept that it feels for a lot of people different. But not for me. 

"Thank God I'm closer to the team than all of the rest and we will do everything to be as successful as possible, 100 per cent."