Rome Travel

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This guidance is for your safety and the information gathered will be used to help with your safety and not used for any other purpose.

Liverpool Football Club has been provided with safety and security advice for supporters travelling to the Champions League tie at AS Roma which takes place on Wednesday 2 May, 2018.

Should further guidance be provided at a pre-match planning meeting which will take place in Rome tomorrow this will be communicated via the usual channels and the Club would like to reiterate its gratitude to supporters for their ongoing patience while these matters are concluded.

According to information provided by the Italian authorities as a result of ongoing collaboration with UEFA, AS Roma and Liverpool FC, supporters are advised to:

  • Alight at Termini Station if arriving by train
  • Use Piazza Campo De Fiori and Largo Corrado Ricci
  • Respect monuments of national importance with a particular emphasis placed on not hanging banners and/or scarves on fountains and statues.
  • Be aware that drinking alcohol on the streets will be prohibited.  
  • Avoid areas in the north of the city, particularly those in the vicinity of Ponte Milvio Bridge, on match day.
  • Use the shuttle bus service from Piazzale delle Canestre, Villa Borghese to Stadio Olimpico. Buses will run from 3pm and there will be a return service to Villa Borghese post match.
  • Arrive at the stadium as early as possible with entrance procedures and ticket checks expected to be long and arduous. Entrance gates are expected to open at 5pm.
  • Be aware that should the name on a supporter’s ticket not match the name on their personal ID, admission will be refused.
  • Be aware that there will be a hold back after the game which is expected to be longer than supporters are ordinarily used to.
  • Use the shuttle bus service to depart the stadium unless on organised day trips which will provide their own transportation. Under no circumstances should supporters attempt to walk.

In addition to the information provided by the Italian authorities, Liverpool would remind supporters not in possession of a valid match ticket not to travel.

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