Below is a guide on how to update your list of Friends and Family members.

To add friends & family members to your supporter ID account, you must have your supporter ID and the supporter ID and postcode for the person you are adding to your friends & family list.

If you would like to add someone who doesn't already have a supporter ID, they will need to register.

Log into My Account

Select Personal Details


Any friends & family already linked to your account will show in the My Friends & Family section

To add a new friend & family, click Manage my Friends & Family


A pop up will appear, click Add Friends & Family


Enter the supporter ID and Postcode of the person you wish to add then click Search


Click the drop down arrow and choose the Friend/Family field then click OK


Repeat the process for each person you wish to add


If you wish to remove someone, click on Delete next to the relevant supporter


Click OK to confirm the removal of the person from your friends & family list


Once all supporters have been added as friends & family, click Close


Any Friends and Family members you have added will now show in the My Friends & Family section of My Account, and anyone you have deleted will be removed.