We continue our Spotlight series on Liverpoolfc.com as we get to know the Liverpool FC Women's squad.

Each member of Vicky Jepson's team will tell us about their footballing background, their inspirations and what they get up to away from the game.

Next up is dynamic playmaker Melissa Lawley, who turns 26 today...

What year did you sign for Liverpool FC Women?


What made you choose to be a footballer?

I fell in love with the game on the streets.

Who is your footballing idol?

Ryan Giggs. I love the way he dribbled with the ball at pace, also being very direct.

What is the best football match you've watched to date?

Liverpool v Arsenal – 5-5 in the League Cup.

What's the best thing about representing LFC?

The girls are a family and the amazing support from the fans. #UpTheReds.

Describe yourself in three words?

Crazy, stupid and loving.

Favourite TV show?


Favourite all-time film?

Pretty Woman.

Favourite music artist?

Tom Walker.

Favourite song?

Tones and I – Never Seen the Rain.

If you weren't a footballer, what did you want to be?

A vet – I love animals.

Funniest player in the squad?

Kirsty Linnett.

Best singer in the squad?

Jess Clarke or maybe Rinsola Babajide but I haven't heard those vocals as of yet.