Liverpool Football Club today confirmed Karen Gill, the granddaughter of Bill Shankly, has been elected as Chairperson of the inaugural Supporters' Committee.

The Reds last week revealed the 18 people who will make up the new supporter consultation group, which will meet four times a season with senior Club staff to discuss the issues and ask the questions that most affect them and the fans they represent.

A total of 3,705 applications were received for positions on the Committee, and Karen was originally part of the seven-person selection panel drawn up to review each and every submission and jointly decide on the best 18 candidates.

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In her new role, Karen, a teacher and author of the Real Bill Shankly, will now chair Committee meetings - and she admits she is relishing the responsibility.

She said: "It's such an honour. It's something I'm so looking forward to because my granddad almost started that special relationship with the fans, so for me this is a chance to carry on that legacy.

"I feel such a sense of responsibility, but it's also something I enjoy. I really do enjoy meeting fans and talking about my granddad, so it will be a great honour.

"I definitely think my granddad will be looking down on me and wishing me luck - but I hope I don't need too much luck!"

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