Liverpool FC is extremely proud of its support and for many years the Club’s season ticket waiting list has been at full capacity.

Due to the high number of fans that have registered for a season ticket, the waiting list is closed for new applications and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable..  If you are registered on the season ticket waiting list, you can check your position here:

Update and Offer Process

Every year the Club reviews the breakdown of its ticket allocation before the start of a new season and typically a small number of season tickets become available. Those fans at the top of the list are offered the opportunity to purchase a season ticket and will be removed from the list. The list will only be updated once a year (late July/early August), so fans shouldn’t expect to see their position change at any other time.

Future Availability

The Main Stand expansion at Anfield will allow us to increase the number of season ticket holders from 2016/2017 season. These new tickets will be sold to the current waiting list in numerical order - those who have been on the list the longest will be offered a season ticket first. It is too early to say exactly how many and where supporters on the waiting list will be eligible for a season ticket when the expansion is complete. We expect that we will be in a position to contact those eligible later this year.