Jürgen Klopp welcomed this week's confirmation that the expansion of the Anfield Road Stand will move forward as 'very exciting'.

Liverpool FC announced on Wednesday that plans to increase the capacity of the stadium by 7,000 are set to press ahead, with work anticipated to conclude in time for the 2023-24 season.

Klopp is delighted by the prospect of having even more supporters inside Anfield for every home fixture and is already counting down the days to its completion.

“I am [really excited] and I really hope they will finish it in time. What did they say? 2023-24? I really will kick their butts that they will be ready for that moment,” the boss told Liverpoolfc.com.

“Next we have a nice event – the ground breaking. I will be there, that’s a nice moment but a much nicer moment is when it’s then finished. There’s some work to do in between but what I really like about the club is that we really work on the future, these kind of things.

“From time to time our owners get some criticism for this or that, but we should really not forget that they gave us more space already and now another 7,000. That is great news for the club for the future.

“Giving 7,000 more people the opportunity to watch this wonderful team playing football is great. And it will look good as well, how we saw with the last stand we built.

“It’s good, it’s really good, very exciting. Have to wait for it – difficult – but now I know it will happen so I want to have it tomorrow actually.”