A continual rate of improvement under Jürgen Klopp makes Dejan Lovren certain that challenging for major honours will form part of Liverpool's future as well as their present.

The Reds will face Tottenham Hotspur in their second successive Champions League final in Madrid on June 1, with this season’s success in Europe being married with a remarkable, record-breaking domestic campaign. 

Klopp’s side amassed 97 points and lost just once in the Premier League in 2018-19 but were pipped to the title by Manchester City, who finished one point ahead. 

Lovren, though, sees such achievements as merely the starting point of this team’s potential being realised. 

“When you look back on the last three years, it was every season improvement,” the centre-back told Liverpoolfc.com.

“When Klopp came, every year we did better and better. Last season we did quite well, we had quite a lot of injuries and reached the final of the Champions League. 

“This year, with the new players, we reached second place with 97 points, it’s incredible, and again the final of the Champions League so definitely we are again one of the contenders for next year to do something great. With this team, we can only improve. 

“We are still young so we learn every day something new and this is what matters: to keep this team all together in one place and of course, if there are new improvements to come, I mean new players, they are always welcomed. But when you look at the quality, it’s really already quite high.”

On falling just short in their relentless pursuit of the Premier League title, Lovren admitted to feeling frustrated in the immediate aftermath of last Sunday’s final-day win over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield.

However, the focus within Liverpool’s dressing room will quickly shift to what lies ahead at Estadio Metropolitano.

“It would be a lie if I don’t admit that we are of course disappointed,” Lovren said.

“We won the last game at Anfield but when we came to the dressing room it felt strange. We had so many points, 97, we made history for this club when we talk about points but when you look back we can be satisfied. 

“We gave everything this season, it was a brilliant season - especially [at] Anfield and I think the fans really enjoyed it, especially the game against Barca. So, at the end we have another final and I’m sure we will come back with big smiles.”