Jürgen Klopp has thanked the 3,200 Liverpool fans who made the journey to Portugal for Wednesday's Champions League last-16 tie with FC Porto for the backing they gave the team during the 5-0 win.

Some supporters have experienced difficulties in attempting to travel home following the fixture, with flights affected by local weather conditions.

Speaking to Liverpoolfc.com at the Reds’ training camp in Marbella, Klopp issued a message for fans by saying: “I want to say thank you for doing what you did – not only yesterday, but in the last few weeks, months, years and decades. It’s outstanding – you are a big part of this fantastic club.

“Before we all came in, we felt we knew you already – we didn’t, but we felt like this. Now we know you, it still feels outstanding.

“I heard about [the travel problems] and friends of mine have had the same problem, but I hope you still have a little bit in mind what we did last night and still can enjoy a little bit of Porto, even when the weather is not that good.”

Klopp added: “The support last night was fantastic, really fantastic. I enjoyed it so much. It was easy to find them because it was pretty dark where they were sitting from our point of view – but we heard them.

“It was fantastic and I have to say thank you for all the things they did last night. I love our away crowd and they are full of joy when they can see a Liverpool game and enjoy themselves. I really love that.”