As Liverpool prepare to mark their 125th anniversary with a series of events at today’s game with Burnley, Jordan Henderson has explained how the club’s history helps inspire the current crop of players.

Writing in ‘This is Anfield’, the captain insists that the Reds’ illustrious past and reminders of it are used as motivation as the modern-day squad aim to add their names to the history books.

He said: “Playing for a club with our history definitely has an impact on you as a player. Being the current captain probably hammers that home even more, but it's always around you.

“When we play in the Champions League we wear a badge on the shirt with the number '5' on it. Every day at Melwood we walk in past the European Cup, a bust of Bill Shankly and a wall marking all the trophies the club has won. It's the same at Anfield – and, by the way, rightly so. Who wouldn't be proud of this history?

“It's something that attracts you as a player – makes you want to come here then stay here as long as possible.

“It is often referenced, to us the current group of players, whether the history of success puts added pressure on us to achieve? It does – but not in a negative way. The key for us and the players that follow us, is to focus entirely on what history we can create. We should be inspired by the legends and the past achievements here, but not weighed down by it.

“That is easier said than done sometimes and there are only the players of here-and-now that can do anything about it. It's for us to put more trophies in the cabinet and have achievements etched onto the wall for the next generation of Liverpool players to walk past and be inspired by.

“I have no doubt this team and this squad is good enough to do that. So, we have to focus on what we can do and then work hard every day to make it happen. That includes today against Burnley.”

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