Jürgen Klopp has drawn on his football experience so far to pen an inspirational letter to his future self, with New Balance.

The Liverpool manager kick-starts a new campaign by our official kit supplier with heartfelt words of advice directed to himself in the years to come.

Klopp references the past emotions and lessons of his time with Mainz, Borussia Dortmund and particularly at Anfield during the last 20 months as a reminder to believe.

“Remember what this was all about, how you were given the chance to live your dream, and accept every challenge as little or great it may have been,” he says.

“You always believed in defeating even the very best. Remember how you prepared for those moments, painstakingly working in silence off the pitch, behind the scenes where nobody could see you.

“You felt the silence following defeat. You heard the voices of all those sceptics becoming louder. Mistakes made you better, they made you stronger.

“Now you know the sound of victory, the sound of celebration and joy. Remember where you started and where you are now.

“You touched all those people’s hearts and they held their breath with you. Think of all the people who walk with you side by side, how strangers became a team, how a team became a band of brothers, sharing dreams.

“Remember, it’s about more than just a game.”