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Courtesy of the BBC - June 8

An unconscious victim of the Hillsborough disaster appeared to respond when his name was called out, his cousin has told the new inquests.

Paul Brennan said he held 18-year-old Gary Jones' hand and shouted his name as he was being treated on the pitch.

An ex-firefighter also described how a girl, aged "three or four", begged him not to leave her badly injured father.

Mr Jones and the girl's father were among the 96 football fans who were fatally injured in the 1989 disaster.

Liverpool supporters were caught in the crush after arriving to watch their team play Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semi-final at Sheffield's Hillsborough stadium.

Mr Jones, a student who was described as a "very clever young man", travelled to Sheffield on a minibus with 11 others, including Mr Brennan, the jury heard.

After police stopped the match, Mr Brennan left his seat in the North Stand and went to look for Mr Jones on the pitch.

The jury saw how Mr Jones was lifted out of the Leppings Lane terraces at about 15:26 BST - almost half an hour after the match kicked off.

Anthony Hunter, a firefighter who helped carry him, said that he was "limp, but his face was not in agony".

He added: "He looked quite peaceful. We laid him on the ground and someone else proceeded to do CPR."

Mr Hunter said that he spent "three to four minutes" at the most with Mr Jones, giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation, while somebody else did chest compressions.

Another firefighter, David Sweetman, worked on Mr Jones with a man who said he was a doctor, the court heard.

Mr Sweetman said they "tried for a long time" but "didn't see any signs of life".

Mr Brennan was seen in footage walking up to Mr Jones and those giving him first aid at 15:35 BST.

He told the court: "I bent down and grabbed hold of his hand, shouted his name.

"He seemed to respond with eye movement every time I shouted his name."

Mr Brennan said that Mr Jones' eyes were closed but that he could see them moving under the eyelids. He appeared to be unconscious.

He helped lift him into an ambulance but said he was not allowed to travel with his cousin to hospital.

The court also heard about a second casualty that Mr Hunter treated.

He said the man had a "daughter of three or four years with him".

He added: "As I stopped doing some work on him, this young girl who was there, was there tugging on my pant legs.

"[She said] 'you can't leave my dad, you can't leave my dad, why isn't he moving?'."

Mr Hunter also said an ambulance drove over one of the man's feet and the casualty "didn't flinch at all" and "was obviously dead".

The ambulance eventually moved after people shouted, he said.

"It's something that stuck in my mind - of all places to park an ambulance."

The inquests, sitting in Warrington, Cheshire, continue.