The scientific research carried out behind the scenes at Liverpool FC, which supports the likes of Steven Gerrard, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge to perform to their maximum, has been explained in a series of recently published papers.

The backroom sports science team, led by Ryland Morgans, has recently published a number of peer-reviewed articles that ultimately improve the Reds' knowledge of the game, supporting the manager and the players.

Research was conducted by all full-time fitness staff at the club and consultants Professor Barry Drust and Dr James Morton.

The sports science team work very closely with Brendan Rodgers, the coaches and physiotherapists, with the fitness and science staff monitoring the physical condition of players, the physical aspects of training and preparation as well as providing the manager with information about where players are when recovering in relation to upcoming matches.

Morgans, Liverpool's head of fitness and conditioning, said: "Our role is to develop individual programmes for players, making sure they are conditioned to deal with the physical demands of the manager's tactical strategy, which includes a high press when out of possession and quick, explosive transitions.

"We also monitor players during recovery periods between matches, which is supported by a tailored nutritional strategy.

"We believe science underpins football and we aim to generate research that develops our knowledge of the game and our players' responses to training and match-play."

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A number of research articles have recently been published from within the department and are unrivalled in Europe. Most importantly, the scientific findings are used to support decisions made by Rodgers and his staff to help achieve on-pitch success.

The papers are currently being published in various peer-reviewed scientific journals around the world and will benefit those involved in the scientific rationale behind practice, as well as fans who are interested in the science that underpins football.