The next youngster to step into the spotlight for our weekly Meet the Academy feature, which seeks to shed further light on the aspiring talents developing their potential at the club's Kirkby youth base, is defender Sam Hart.

A regular fixture in Neil Critchley's U18s backline this season, the full-back is dependable and determined in protecting his own goal and also possesses the athleticism to attack in the opposite direction.

In our exclusive Q&A below, Hart tells us what music he prefers to listen to, the goals he wants to achieve with Liverpool and the unlikely alternative career which interests him.

Date of birth

September 10, 1996

Place of birth




First team you played for?

Manchester United

When did you join Liverpool?

At U16 level

Who did you support growing up?

Bolton Wanderers

Favourite sport other than football?


Favourite subject at school?


If you were not a footballer, what job would you like to do?

F1 driver

Person you'd like to meet?

David Beckham

What's on your iPod?

Dance and hip-hop

Favourite holiday destination?


Which Liverpool player do you most admire?

Steven Gerrard

Who is the most skilful player at your level?

Ryan Kent

Describe Liverpool in one word...


Ultimate dream in football?

To play in the Premier League