Colin Pascoe has explained the reasoning behind the head tennis tournaments that take place between the players at the end of Melwood training sessions from time to time.

After wrapping up Friday morning's pre-Tottenham Hotspur preparations, the squad broke off into four teams to begin the latest competition.

Using a football, the groups play to volleyball rules - but can only use their heads or feet to knock it over the net in an attempt to score points.

The contests are always cause for great camaraderie amongst the players - and so sat down with Pascoe at Melwood to find out what they're all about.

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"They've had a hard week this week and have trained really well," explained the assistant manager.

"It was only a couple of days before the big game on Sunday, so they did some tactical work before that and so just to ease off a little bit and to have a little bit of fun and competition, they had a head tennis tournament.

"It was enjoyable for the lads and it was enjoyable for us watching them.

"They all want to win! We had four teams playing and it gets very competitive.

"There's a great spirit among the lads."

Watch the video here »