Divock Origi has explained why he's excited by the prospect of fulfilling his vast potential at Liverpool after signing a long-term deal with the club.

Origi completed his move at the team hotel in the United States today, and will head back to France to spend the forthcoming season on loan at Lille before returning to Anfield in the summer of 2015.

The news is the conclusion to a pursuit of the youngster that goes back as far as his days of playing for Belgium's U15 national team.

Shortly after inking his contract with the Reds, Origi sat down for an exclusive chat with Liverpoolfc.com in which he outlined his excitement at the deal and revealed his hopes for his long-term future on Merseyside.

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Divock, welcome to Liverpool Football Club. How does it feel to have signed for the club?

I am very, very happy and delighted a club as big as Liverpool showed interest in me. I'm very excited.

What was your reaction when you discovered Liverpool wanted to sign you?

I was very happy because I know that Liverpool are a big club. I was very excited and knew this could be something big for me.

You're still just 19 years of age, so how big a step is this for you and your career?

For me, it was my dream to play for a big club. I know Liverpool is a club with a great history, so for me it was perfect.

What has the manager, Brendan Rodgers, told you about how he sees your future here?

He showed a lot of interest [in me] and told me that with hard work I could go far. I have to work hard, he's a great coach and I'm very happy.

For anyone who maybe hasn't seen you play, what are your main qualities as a player?

I would say my speed, pace, technique, in one against one [situations] and my scoring abilities. Those are my main strengths.

We know you'll spend next season back on loan at Lille - what will your aims be for the next year?

Just to progress. This year I'll have a chance to play at European level, so in the Europa League or Champions League. It's important for me to gain a place in the team, improve and be ready for the season after that.

So it'll be very helpful for you in preparing for life at Liverpool?

Yes, of course. They also have a great coach, so it'll be very helpful.

What do you know about the history of Liverpool Football Club. Are you aware of the history and the fans?

Yes, of course. I know it's a club with a great history, great fans and a lot of great players. For me, Liverpool is one of the greatest clubs in the world and I'm very excited to be part of this great history.

Are you looking forward to linking up with some of those players?

I always watched Liverpool on the TV when I was small and if you see players like Gerrard and Sturridge, it's exciting to know that you're going to be playing with them.

So when you watched Liverpool playing on TV when you were a child, did you ever think 'one day I might be there, I might be playing for Liverpool'?

People always told me I had talent and could go as far as I wanted, I just had to work hard. To say I'd play for Liverpool one day, no. I am very happy I have the chance now and I'll try to maximise everything.

The team had a great season last season, just narrowly missing out on the league title - did you see any of it?

I watched practically every game of Liverpool's. They had a great season. You could see there was a great mix of experienced and young players, and a good coach. It was nice to see them play.

You enjoyed a great World Cup. How did you find that experience?

For me, it was very special because the coach showed a lot of confidence in me. To be able to play on the world stage was very special, as was playing for my country, as it was my first call-up for the national team. I learned a lot of things during the World Cup.

What did it mean to you to score a goal in the World Cup finals?

It was a great moment as a young player to be able to score [against Russia]. It was in the Maracana stadium and was like a dream come true. In football, everything can go fast - that's a nice thing about football.

It's been an incredible summer for you so far then, hasn't it?

Yes, it's been great. I am especially happy that I'm able to sign for a big club like Liverpool. Now I just have to continue to work hard.

Your international teammate Simon Mignolet is already at Liverpool. Have you spoken to him about the club?

Yes, of course. He's said a lot of good things about Liverpool and told me it's the perfect club for me. He was only positive, and it was great to be able to talk with him about Liverpool.

Have you been asking him lots of questions about Liverpool? Has there been anything you've particularly been keen to find out?

I just asked how the club is, the environment and the people. He told me everything was good about the club. He didn't have a bad word to say.

How important will he be in helping you settle in here?

Mignolet is a very friendly person. He always helps me, even with the national team. He'll be important for me.

Can you put into words what it is exactly that excites you most about this new challenge at Liverpool?

The fact we have a young team and can grow. That's the most exciting part. With the coach we have, he's a great manager who can handle a young team, and we also have experienced players. For me it's very exciting. I think we can go very far - we have a lot of quality in the group.

You mentioned earlier you're aware of the great fans Liverpool have, are you looking forward to playing in front of them at Anfield?

I think everybody dreams of playing in a stadium full of passionate supporters. For me, it'll be great and I'll do everything I can to please the fans.

Finally, what's your message to Liverpool fans reading this interview?

Just that I am very proud to sign for the club. I'll give everything for the club, like I did when I was small and did for Lille. I'm hoping we can achieve great things together.