To mark the launch of Liverpool FC's brand new online retail store today, 166 supporters have been chosen to feature in a special digital mosaic which is emblazoned across the redesigned homepage.

The revamped store offers an upgraded experience for mobile and tablet users, while a new click-and-collect service - available to all six of the Reds' UK outlets from June - means local supporters and visiting international fans can save on postage and packaging fees.

Among a range of overall improvements, the checkout function has been streamlined; returning fans will be automatically signed in upon arrival, and those who do not wish to create an official account can use the guest feature.

Click here to explore the brand new online store now.

With the launch of the new online store in mind, earlier this year we announced a social media competition, providing followers with the opportunity to literally become the face of the redevelopment.

Fans were simply asked to submit a picture of themselves wearing their favourite piece of official LFC clothing or kit via either Instagram or Twitter, including the hashtag #IamLFC.

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds and thousands of images contributed on both social media platforms.

Now 166 - the necessary number to produce the image of Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez - have been selected to form the unique mosaic and welcome fellow Kopites from around the world to the new online store.

In addition, two lucky winners were also chosen to receive a signed Liverpool home shirt and will be contacted shortly with regards to their prize.

Click the image above to take a closer look at the online store mosaic and browse below to find a full list of the users - and their chosen platform for submission - who collectively compose the image.

Full winners list
rhianneedwards [Instagram], elninopatero [Instagram], anitairenlfc [Instagram], dave_pimsiri [Instagram], adlerthegreat [Instagram], soledadxuan [Instagram], andreasernsoe [Instagram], ionefreitas8_jft96 [Instagram], arslanwa [Instagram], LFCjparny [Twitter], locksley77 [Instagram], danielle_h2013 [Instagram], conicheguevara96 [Instagram], taikongz [Instagram], fardeenn4 [Instagram], amynoelpoole [Instagram], ddd4n [Instagram], drdizzel1979 [Instagram], nickwhyte92 [Instagram], khair_mispan [Instagram], sheepmanaled [Instagram], robinbylundLFC [Twitter], rain_adri [Instagram], tee_k_ [Instagram], kelvinchinbeingthereds [Instagram], Privatebaggins [Twitter], CORDY_Junction [Twitter], landis_hd [Instagram], yellowspeedyonion [Instagram], edwinardibrata [Instagram], reyesse36 [Instagram], sharkster100 [Instagram], jeerard [Instagram], hynesy83 [Instagram], arifawait [Instagram], alansito7 [Twitter], ejaydj [Instagram], icevodka54 [Instagram], asadqureshi [Instagram], vfonblack [Instagram], its__ac [Instagram], oxxivinci [Instagram], arslanwa [Instagram], livyregester [Instagram], CarolineJonesxx [Twitter], lauraritchie [Instagram], sarahloudobby [Instagram], scouser_9 [Instagram], mtambalikei [Instagram], thole01 [Instagram], maritauch [Instagram], samuelsianipar [Instagram], hkarlgren [Instagram], Mej_1986 [Twitter], danni_lou87 [Instagram], its__ac [Instagram], ryanv_lfc [Instagram], bjid97 [Instagram], samsto [Instagram], zalefranlucky7 [Instagram], QuantumOfSoLFCe [Twitter], isnaen9 [Instagram],  ceryslat [Instagram], missyash8 [Instagram], AndyArmchair [Twitter], RuzannaDag [Twitter], Josh_AB_Littler [Twitter], samsto [Instagram], Haydon93 [Twitter], AndreaQuinton [Twitter], aida1892 [Instagram], ClaytsSalop [Twitter], kristoferka14 [Instagram], ngkos [Instagram], Catriona1994 [Twitter], QuantumOfSoLFCe [Twitter], cyr1628 [Instagram], Aofiong [Twitter], dhruvnb [Instagram], janieface1 [Instagram], Arun_MehtAa [Twitter], lfc_scotty96 [Instagram], em_j4y [Instagram], panpacharr [Instagram], sprasaed [Instagram], ilgmkwnz_ [Twitter], hollyy_barnes [Instagram], ellieleaaxx [Instagram], roxayyyy [Instagram], roxayyyy [Instagram], lauraquinn88 [Instagram], sw_1940 [Instagram], cacwhere [Instagram], philball1971 [Instagram], depards8 [Instagram], ekinoer [Instagram], vetrrova [Instagram], ckilkenny9 [Twitter], j_wod [Instagram], ____r__a__c__h__e__l____ [Instagram], steven_silden [Instagram], kane_worthy [Instagram], dsingh1 [Instagram], Racheldavine [Twitter], dsingh1 [Instagram], Peterspeaking [Twitter], chloerobins0n [Twitter], alesskywalker [Instagram], emmaanas [Instagram], dickyfirmana [Instagram], khemikalaby [Instagram], sondrehovde [Instagram], AlexJonesThe [Twitter], Otolorin [Twitter], misterfahmysaid [Instagram], edwardo1979 [Instagram], SarahTr3 [Twitter], i_am_oli [Instagram], matsumiran [Instagram], jeerard [Instagram], suchanontv [Instagram], oanoi [Instagram], rpreece [Twitter], slothster77 [Twitter], nayan_m [Instagram], rikiiga [Instagram], ryanlewiskershaw [Instagram], taylorli1213 [Instagram], sirkennedy [Instagram], mariolp7 [Instagram], derarto [Instagram], EmilyLinfordLFC [Twitter], chernay007 [Instagram], hengkygcv [Instagram], tierchild [Instagram], jaffacake_ [Instagram] ling_frog [Instagram], Ilovesuarez [Instagram], muzilimusa [Instagram], shafnaan [Instagram], Zapata10 [Twitter], mini_man_heaton [Instagram], michaeljsutton [Instagram], kareem_saad [Instagram], JFT96_YNWA_ [Twitter], findnoonee [Instagram], oguzemirtr [Instagram], lobster73 [Instagram], misterfahmysaid [Instagram], reynoldharianja [Instagram], questbell [Instagram], emilyanndavies [Instagram], the_coming_storm [Instagram], the_coming_storm [Instagram], leparfaitprince [Instagram], choky59 [Instagram], tossapornsong [Instagram], maslia_azura [Instagram], alsenneloisbiki [Instagram], skyejui [Instagram], missyash8 [Instagram], paigehannahj94 [Instagram], lfc4life2005 [Instagram], pn_owen [Instagram], allawrie [Instagram], bono1712 [Instagram].